(the word)

Which label will you choose…

(the word) is the almighty creator of all that is and isn’t. (the word) is light and dark, water, fire, trees, earth, air and that which is not!

(the word) ‘man’

(the word) ‘woman’  

(the word is neither!)

just recently balance entered and i saw for the first time the divine essence of light and dark. i never questioned our ascension to all that is and never was.

can your god see everything? your god has eyes?

is your god strong? your god has a physique?

when was the last time your god spoke? your god has a voice?

does your god hear everything? how many ears does your god have?

your god is forgiving. your god has a conscious?

your god is different from my god? 

describe your god to me! which label will you choose…

praise be to the eternal essence of that which is and of that which is not, for no man shall forsake that which is and is not. it is written. shen


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