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love: the reflex of life

Is love just an emotion?

i recently read that love was an emotion. a mere chore. mechanical even. could this be true? i never doubted for one moment, have you?

how broad is love? can it be described by a dictionary? by a few words..printed on a piece of paper…which can be lost!

love can be even in the darkest of worlds. no prism can hold it; yet it bonds and grows! isn’t it evident dear brothers and sisters?

from the darkness we came into the light! a reflex of survival so strong no words or emotions could come close.

perhaps we can describe love as a colour….which colour do you love?

can we use love as a weapon?

can love come between two objects? us mere mortals perhaps..

does love have bounds?

it is restrictive?

can it be shared?

who doesn’t feel love?

can love be faked?

for something as simple as a word searched in a dictionary…printed on a piece of paper…which can be lost?


love is a reflex of life. to survive is a reflex of life. describe survival of life? does it involve love?

Love ❤️